I was mesmerised this evening watching one of the bamboo shrimp feeding. Apparently standing tall in her red head-dress and dressed in green modesty, she poses there waving a multitude of fans in her greedy choreography, like a mermaid in a glass box, silently dancing…


2 thoughts on “Mermaid

  1. Sure you did. We both lost plec’s at about the same time and I commiserated on Facebook… I’ve kept a mixed tropical tank for about fifteen years now, and have attained the happy status of ‘non-flusher’… I do still lose the odd fish after many happy years, but I no longer seem to find the bodies… 😉

    The current tank holds ‘a number’ of aforementioned bamboo shrimp, ‘a number’ of catfish and baby catfish, several pebbled silver dollars, half a dozen rainbow fish, half a dozen mixed cory and assorted survivors from previous shoals…


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