Currently Reading… Snuff

“Snuff” by Terry Pratchett. Link

Actually, I’m about a third in already… that’s the thing about PTerry’s stuff – it grabs you and doesn’t let go.


I’m hearing a lot of interesting background chatter on Facebook along the lines of general unhappiness with the new Timeline, but also what might turn out to be a tidal surge, or a pendulum sweep, back to paragraphs and longer articles… and blogs. The one line posts and comments of social media appear no longer to be satisfying at least a section of the online population, in the same way a text is adequate but no substitute for a good long natter on the telephone.

Then there is the inevitable question of why folk blog at all anyway – why what is written is of worth, of interest… how much of the writing is only of use to the ego of the author. To which I would say, most of it and possibly all. Some folks blog an interesting and evolving story, or discuss and ongoing situation like a medical condition that may be of interest to another sufferer. Mine is a random onanistic voyage on the roundabout of life, and I make no excuse!

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