While mad dogs and Englishmen may go out in the mid-day Sun, we chose the end of the year for a walk along the start of the Ridgeway. An inauspicious beginning of wild wind and rain meant we took our lunch in the Sanctuary car park, but the skies cleared and we headed off toward Hackpen Hill. Apparently, this part of the track is favoured by vehicles.

Following on from an adventurous ten mile walk around the villages at home yesterday, it was perhaps inevitable that my knee would give out about three quarters of the way there, and the return journey took longer than the outbound. Still, the agony of the knee totally wiped out the pain I’ve been enjoying in my right elbow. Every cloud…

There’s such a difference between the gently rolling hills of Wiltshire and the more boisterous ones of Gloucestershire you wouldn’t think they’re separated by only a few dozen miles. Wide open spaces, battering gales and a zillion tiny burial mounds!

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