Rain 1 : Plums 0 (or 1000, depending how you count it)


Earlier today, a work colleague brought a bucket of ‘help yourself’ plums in. Taken, slightly unripe, from his garden tree his intention was to make use of the fruit before it pulled the tree over, such was the bounty. Fruit of all kind appears to be in surplus this season, perhaps due to the weather, and our trees are no exception.

I went home, then, with a view to checking on our own plum trees and doing likewise. Unfortunately, I forgot, and only remembered when I noticed torrential showers taking place outside my study window. By the time the rain stopped, this plum tree had succumbed to the weight of wet plums and a full three foot of stem was on the ground (see above).

The fallen plums will ripen alongside bananananas in the kitchen, and those on the tree will take their chances. I dare say the loss of the main stem will couse the plum tree to branch out next year, and I may take the opportunity to support it with a low trellis – especially if the fruiting is going to be as prolific as this years…


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