Thought for the Week – Yule

Well, another one writ, and with a small plug for the TDN and CC result…

In the pagan year there is a kind of resting space between Samhain and Yule. From honouring memories of our ancestors at Samhain, we join in Remembrance of our honoured dead, and into a world itself seemingly dying. Leaves fall, hedgerows take on a bleak appearance, birds are silent and the days darken. How must this have felt to our blood of generations gone, before electric light and gas central heating made life so easy? And how marvellous would have been the celebration, as the midwinter Solstice marked the Sun reborn and the promise of a world renewed? Even now we celebrate, in our modern world, with trees alight with colours and with families gathered together.

Whatever path you walk, however you approach deity, may you enjoy this time. May the new year bring peace to you, and to all throughout the lands. Blessed be.

As summer ended, The Druid Network received news that it had finally been granted charitable status by the Charities Commission; the first Druid group ever to be so accepted, and was entered onto the Register of Charities. Although sadly we don’t have nearly enough money to profit from charitable tax breaks, this move establishes Druidry as a bona-fide religion under English Charity Law, and gives Druidry equal status with other qualifying religions. It also recognises that The Druid Network exists to advance religion for the public benefit, and affirms its ethics. To read more (and the final decision ran to 21 pages) go to

Mark Rosher – The Druid Network

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