Hurrah! The shout from a thousand bewhiskered lads (and who knows, some lasses) as the end of Movember arrives. Movember? It’s a thang started by folk in Australia, in November, to call attention to the issue of male health issues – particularly prostate cancer; a real killer. Primary to the campaign is a fund-raising call to grow moustaches, and by the month end I guess a lot of normally clean skinned fellas are rushing to the razor…

I was unexpectedly ‘motivated’ to join in by miss and Miss, and to avoid the stares I went and shaved off the beard, leaving the moustache. Well, having one already it seemed daft to take it off. I instantly loathed the bareness of my chin, covered for the last fifteen or so years, and that was the first and only time it got close to the blade! By month end the goatee is nearly back to normal.

So, a tip of the hat to all you folk who went the distance, including my brother and his sons. I did my bit by donating to the cause, sponsoring myself and failing to tell me I’d failed. grin. Oh, and as for the prostate examination… me and my doctor are closer than perhaps either of us would care for… go get checked.

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