Trusting BT

It would appear I’ve fallen prey to a spammers honey-pot. I recently offered to support British Telecom’s self-seving campaign to vote up our telephone exchange in the Race to Infinity – an X-Factor stylee competition to get our poorly broadband provision (currently much less than 2MB/s) upgraded. Not only did I vote for my exchange, I offered to be a campaign champion.

You would expect an organisation purporting to offer information services to be competent, and at least sufficiently aware of in-tray privacy not to send out an email with every champions email shown in clear text… wrong.

BT, through their PR company Porter Novelli (“a global public relations leader”), has just circulated 966 email addresses, all presumed champions in waiting. All now waiting to see their email spam just a magnitude or two. Impressive. If I were a spammer I’d be signing up as a champion right now. I’ve requested my email be deleted from BT and Porter Novelli’s databases, and I’ll take my chances with my Meg and a half.

One response to “Trusting BT”

  1. Heh.

    “RACE TO INFINITY would like to recall the message, “Welcome to the BT Race to Infinity!”.=”

    I bet you would. Shame.


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