iPod Touch WiFi fails to connect to Internet

When this happened to us, I went straight to Google for the solution. What I found there was a widespread acknowledgement of a fault, and some random suggestions, but no practical solution. Having solved the problem (at least this time) I thought I’d blog it so that my apparently successful solution would appear in subsequent searches. If this post helps you, do something good for someone else.

There are iPods of almost every generation at chez bish, but the wife and I both have iPod Touches which are used more for Interweb apps than music. Following the recent Operating System upgrade to OS4.1, while my iPod just kept working (albeit slightly slower with some apps), Miss’s iPod Touch stopped connecting to the home wi-fi network. Despite renewing the lease, deleting network connection details, making the wi-fi router open access, lobotomising the iPod back to vanilla state by use of the iTunes Restore option, and drinking considerable amounts of coffee, the thing would not connect. Any app that called for the Internet, such as the Safari web browser, would come back with an error, saying it cannot connect to the server.

Under the options for the network (Settings / Network / >) there were sometimes blank entries for IP etc and sometimes the IP was in the range 168.n.n.n rather than 192.n.n.n which is what my router assigns. The subnet mask was also sometimes blank and sometimes instead of

I could not find anything that would work, until I decided to ensure everything involved including the router was up to date in terms of firmware. My router is a Netgear DG834PN and was running firmware version V1.03.34 The Netgear site showed the latest UK/Europe firmware as V1.03.39, so I carried out an update, downloading the file from the site and uploading it to my router. I then rebooted the router.

The iPod Touch immediately connected with an IP of 192.n.n.n, and Interweb access was restored! Time will tell if this solution is permanent, and I’ve no idea why my own iPod Touch had none of the same problems.

I’ve no idea if this is at all relevant… My iPod is 8GB and Model MB528BT, the serial number begins 9C91 and the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth addresses begin 00:25, whereas my wife’s iPod Touch is 32GB, MC008BT, serial number begins 1A00 and the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth begin 34:15…

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