iTouch, Outlook and MobileMe Conflicts

I’m banging my head against the wall with my calendars at the moment. Google suggests I’m not alone…

I keep my diary in Outlook 2007, synchronising with my iTouch. To facilitate wireless synchronising I also have them talking to a MobileMe account. All has been well for ages, but recently what has started to happen is that diary events in one application will synchronise on another one day offest – but not all of them!!! It’s doing my nugget!

If I set an all day event in Outlook for Monday, it will come up on the iTouch as Sunday! If I set a timed event it will synchronise fine. But some all day events are synchronising fine too – they appear to be historic events such as repeating birthdays…

It’s got to be something that is related to time zones and GMT/BST shifts; it only became a noticeable issue after summer time popped up. I can’t find it though. My iTouch and my Outlook are both set to London time with BST changes effected. As far as I can tell so is MobileMe. However, since MobileMe isn’t a free service, and since I don’t tend to rely in wireless synchronising, I’ve deleted this aspect of life and the problem still exists…

I’ve restored my iTouch to no avail.

I’ve used and relied upon an electronic diary since my old Palm V and I’ve never had this. I’m stumped. I can’t rely on my diary! I may have to go back to a bloody paper diary for now, and hopefully someone will come up with an idea. Hopefully soon, because I can’t read my own handwriting scrawl!!! Hmm, but I suppose I can simply use the iTouch and not read the Outlook calendar… Oh help.

Test: create an all day event on the iTouch and synchronise… Create iTouch event test1 Sunday 2 May – synch to Outlook – Outlook event is 01:00 Sunday 2 May to 01:00 Monday 3 May. Event is time shifted one hour forward.

Test: create an all day event in Outlook and synchronise… Create Outlook event test2 Sunday 25 march – synch to iTouch – iTouch event is all day Saturday 24 March. Event is time shifted one day backwards.

But if the iTouch only relies on the start time and the all-day marker then it could be that it is time shifted back one hour, which makes it more consistent with the previous test… So we’re still looking (write lokiing first time, made oi laff. it’s his kind of prank) for a GMT/BST thing.

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