Busy, busy, busy

Catching up…

Had a brilliant few days on Dartmoor and the weather chose to excel itself too, with bright blue skies, sunshine and soft breezes (thank you). We did as much as we could in a short time, visiting Tors, National Trust and megalith sites, and stayed in a comfortable hotel at Moretonhampstead. More pics like the one below, on the family photo site. Though the weather was brilliant, the recent snow and rain meant that the ground was absolutely soaked, even and especially where it didn’t look like it was! We ‘enjoyed’ one long squelch through the moss and heather only to find that one tor – Vixen Tor – had been walled off (with barbed wire to boot!) and we had another long squelch back again. There are quite a few comments on the interweb about the greedy landowner who wants cash for climbers…

Back to reality, and the week ahead looks… interesting. Off to Swansea every day this week to commission a new telephone exchange, but back early tomorrow night (so off to work even earlier tomorrow morning) to interview for a new Parish Clerk. I’m more used to interviews from the supplicant side of the table, so this ought to be fun. I simply thank the gods that this didn’t happen a year ago, when I was far more wet behind the ears, Chairman-wise.

Folk might know that we also got Planning Permission for the new Parish Burial Ground. However, that permission came with several conditions that create new challenges… I’m a pedant, and I’m advised by those with more experience of planning policy not to bite so quickly nor take words as written, but when a condition states (over twelve typed A4 pages) that for every occasion we disturb the ground we have to have an archaeologist present – for a burial ground – I wince.

At least the redevelopment of the toddlers play area is going well. The contract is placed, and work should commence shortly. Shortly is an undefined term but I remain hopeful. The plan is for sculpted earthworks, tunnels and bridges rather than plain old swings and climbing frames (which we have already), and I’m looking forward to something good.

Just had a lovely evening meal which included purple brocolli and a giant parsnip from our vegetable garden.and now replete with a rather decent shiraz in hand I contemplate the ironing… Busy? Nah, this is living!

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