Inevitable consequence

So MP’s are wringing their hands and bewailing the fact that we are all drunk.

They gave us supermarket BOGOF discounts on bulk purchases of beer, wine and spirits. They gave us 24 hour opening. Weren’t they nice? How is it at all surprising that market forces then went on to give us loss-leader alcopops, all you can drink +10% binge parties, larger glasses and automatic doubles? I’m just waiting for the return of the Party Seven – as an individual serving… Instead, we are likely faced with an extra tax – for our own health. I am so shocked, not.

Why not simply revoke supermarket alcohol licences, bringing the return of the Offie? This would create a separate journey for folk who ‘have’ to buy in, and would be an overall demotivator for drink purchase (especially bulk purchase). Then bring back the old licencing laws that meant something; open at tea time, close at going home time! No need for extra taxes, extra employment and open shops, a massive cut in necessary police and hospital intervention and a healthier populace.

I’m off to front load my caffiene intake. This has been a public health service message. hic.

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