Back-up’s… doncha just love’em?

I think I can stop wibbling about Windows 7 now. On the fourth full installation I think I’ve got everything sorted – all the right stuff, installed in the right place, with none of the add-on software that does the same stuff as Windows but not as well and with tacky logo’s… grin

But I have to put my hand up and admit that, before that last installation, I backed up my personal folder then formatted the HDD ready for a fresh installation… and failed to copy over 90GB of music archive!  D’oH! I felt rather a silly.

Happily, although it remains accessible only to the old XP installation (which resides on a currently unused HDD in the same box) there is a complete backup taken the day I moved to Win 7. It’s not accessible to Win 7 as Netgear appear not to support the SC101 NAS under the new OS. Pretty piss poor support, I call that, akin to the piss poor situation whereby Canon no longer support my N1240U scanner – each perfectly good tools that I don’t feel ready to toss out. Shame.

So anyway, one overnight fettle of the computer, with the XP disc as master to the Win 7, and the files were restored with only three CD’s worth missing – and those cd’s are downstairs. All is sorted, but not before miss made some scathing remarks about my nerdiness on Facebook… lol

I remain 32 bit, by the way, as Office Enterprise 2007 would not install under 64 bit, though I tried six times. Hey ho. The computer has a Windows Experience value of 5.5 – not bad for an old box.

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