Windows 7 was a Mac all along…

Had to laugh at the press release made by Microsoft the other day, that the whole Windows OS is a wannabe of the Macintosh OS… Can almost hear the revelry from fanbois central. I don’t care, one way or the other, but I wish the bugger would stop playing… well… silly buggers.

One of the minor niggles with Win7 is that, on my dual monitor installation, the secondary monitor resolution sometimes boots up as 800 x 600 and that a subsequent reboot restores it to its native resolution. A larger niggle is the compatibility issue I have with some of the older kit that would still be working fine but for the updated OS (however, it appears HP have now released a 64 bit driver for my networked 2600N colour laserjet).

The major flame is for the sound card. Creative have apparently never gone down the road of having their software certified by Microsoft, and I wonder why… But with a new OS everyone is updating their drivers and their software – mostly automagically – and recently I lost all sound. Rolling back to an earlier installation has regained sound but a lot of stuff seems to have partially corrupted – a result presumably of updated drivers overwriting previous ones that the roll-back couldn’t accommodate.

Hey ho. I feel a reinstallation coming on. With the HP driver sorted out, I think we’ll go for 64 bit again… but not this weekend. Got a Druid Network meeting on Saturday and Miss has a new laptop being delivered which will take Sunday to fettle into a secure beast.

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