First the webcam, now the NAS…

It looks lovely. I don’t know how many of the bells and whistles I am enjoying now were in Vista, I never touched it. However, the little things like download status being reflected in the IE8 button on the taskbar really do make me smile. How different from the DOS 2.0 that started me on this journey!

Today the Netgear SC101 network storage device went the way of the web cam – at least for now. There appears to be no 64 bit manager software for it. There’s a thread on the Netgear forums that offers a workaround with the ‘Virtual XP’ downloaded add-on, but although I went Professional for this purpose I’m not really attracted to that path.

It can wait. Either Netgear will write a 64 bit app or the NAS will go to ebay…

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