the cold light of dawn

Well it’s crashed a couple of times, but then I do expect more from my operating systems. Each crash it has waffled off to the ‘net and downloaded a bit more and perhaps has become a bit more stable… I’m wildly enthusiastic about the start-up and shut-down times – much faster than XP ever was even on a fresh installation. But…

I lost the Logitech Webcam Zoom. I guessed that, the checkup software warned me. I also have no printer driver for my HP 2600N colour laserjet, but I assume HP are working hard on that. The PCI slotted serial port failed, so currently the weather station is not updating on the home website.

I seem to have some issue with file transfers… dragging 90GB of music from the old data disk to the new 1TB disk seems to fail midpoint – it just stops, and I have about half the music files across now after three attempts. No idea why. And I fecked up the .pst transfer of my old Outlook archive, mainly I think because I called myself something different on this computer and it thinks I’m trying to steal someone else’s data! I’ll have to boot up the old XP disk and try that again soon.

I’ve so far restored:

  • Windows 7 64-bit and updates
  • AVG Anti-virus
  • Office 2007 and updates
  • Soundblaster X-Fi Fatal1ty and updates
  • Windows Live Messenger and not the rest
  • Adobe Reader
  • Adobe Flash
  • Adobe Photoshop Elements
  • Adobe Lightroom
  • iTunes
  • Digiguide

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