I may be some time…

2009.10.20 16:30 Arrive home to find shiny Windows 7 DVD on doormat.

2009.10.20 16:31 Run upstairs and turn on computer, open DVD drawer…

2009.10.20 16:31½ Close drawer and start to panic.

Heh. Here we go chaps… I have no idea why I’m doing this, apart from the fact that my XP installation needs a reinstallation and this is the harder way to do it. Every OS gets full of bloat and rubbish after a few years, and mine is due a clean install. I recently lost my sound card due to a corrupted driver and along with the general bloat it’s either the WinXP DVD (and a hundred updates, coz it’s a pre-SP1 DVD) or the Win7 DVD. I’m leaving the data HDD intact and in place and removing the current XP HDD in favour of a clean 1TB disc, so I can revert without fear. If not fear though, a slight nervousness…

Office .pst back up – done
IE Favourites back up – done
Weather Station logfile backup – done

One thing to remember is that iTunes only allows you to hold your account on (I think) five computers. I’m going to leave the XP installation authorised for now, since I’m leaving the OS HDD intact, but it’s something to think about if you’re formatting your old OS…

All the various keys and serial numbers for old software are backed up to a file on the external drive… the instant messaging and VOIP accounts stuff will transfer fine I think…

I’m going to go 64-bit and see what doesn’t work, and whether I need it that much. What’s likely to go wrong…? Well there’s the Tom Tom Sat Nav files, the Weather Station… the scanner, web cam and the NAS (got a bad feeling about that – NetGear SC101). So here goes… G’night Gracie.

30 minutes later…

Gosh, that was quick! And it mostly works…

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