Upgrade fever

Why is it that the first thing I do having decided to move from XP to Win7 is update all the current XP drivers? Didn’t I learn that lesson last time? Now my SoundBlaster X-Fi Fatal1ty sound card has gone all breakfast cereal (crackle and pop). What was the point of updating drivers I’m going to delete in a few weeks? Twat. And my graphics are slower than before. Twat^2.

2 responses to “Upgrade fever”

  1. ‘sok. Google is my mate, and Wikipedia too.
    Sorted. Until I fubar it again with Win7.
    Mac and Linux fanbois chuckle now. :-p


  2. I will never update or upgrade anything ever again. It always makes my puter poorly and then I get grumpy… yes me … I can get grumpy *grins*


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