Druid Camp 2009ce


Well, that’s Druid Camp over for another year and what an excellent few days it was! If you weren’t there or don’t get to see the Facebook photo’s just remember I’m a very sensible and sober individual who would never do that! Ahem.

The picture is shot with my nice new Canon 10-22 wide angle lens. I was only a couple of inches from the pots in front of the chair. This lens is so much better than the kit lenses I’m kind of leaving it on the 450d and using the nifty 50 1.8 II for the more normal shots. Limiting, but challenging too.

2 responses to “Druid Camp 2009ce”

  1. It was my best time at camp so far, and I’m enjoying editing the photos too, hopefully they will be up on Flickr by the end of the week


  2. arh … so it wasn’t you …


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