At last my tree-hugging is official!

20090322-tree-resized2So, apparently I still have too much free time because today I became a Tree Warden! South Gloucestershire County Council are aware that there is a ‘need’ for thousands of new homes in the area over the next few years, and are aware that many ‘significant’ trees could be lost as developers bring in the bulldozers faster than the Council can monitor them. Cue a happy band of Tree Wardens surveying for those ‘significant’ trees…

What is a significant tree? Who says so? I guess I’ll be finding out shortly, as the training continues.

I came away from the initial meeting with an armful of really quality books on tree identification, seed propagation and what fungii are less fun than we’d prefer. It is interesting to note that most of the books were sponsored by National Grid, my own employer, and disappointing to note that they no longer sponsor the Tree Council.

One response to “At last my tree-hugging is official!”

  1. What a fabtastic idea & a perfect excuse for more roaming around the countryside (as if we ever need one eh) 🙂


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