Graffitti Classics at Charfield Memorial Hall!

What an excellent evening, and we had only yards to walk home afterward! If you get the opportunity to see the Graffitti Classics perform their slap-stick repertoire do grab a good seat. The YouTube clip below doesn’t convey sufficiently what a huge grin and belly laugh their performance is.

Certainly it isn’t the sort of thing we’ve been used to at Charfield Memorial Hall, but I really hope it’s set a new standard. Perhaps the best thing about our unsophisticated venue was the fact the quartet played wholly unamplified. Not only did it show the strength of some of their voices, the tone of their violins, viola and double bass shone out. Some of those instruments had wonderful expression and I doubt they were cheap. You miss that when an instrument is amplified, filtered, processed…

Yay! for Live Music!

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