Time expired camera?

So, barely two weeks after the expiration of the two year warranty my Canon G7 camera has died; wholly unresponsive despite a fully charged battery. Is there really a chip buried deep inside, counting down the days to the end of the warranty, to initiate total reality failure shortly thereafter? Sigh.

EuroHiTech have offered a repair estimate of ninety quid, which is about a quarter of the price of a replacement (albeit by the latest G10). Also, I see Canon US have a customer loyalty program which offers upgrade discounts against your old camera… My normal inquisitiveness was crushed when I found the G7 disassembly pages, so I won’t be delving in quite yet!


5 responses to “Time expired camera?”

  1. yep I believe the is a death chip in stuff … but as I keep dropping cameras they dont get activated.


  2. My G7 worked fine for one year and half. After taking some firework pictures, camera is dead. I would not like to rest in peace despite having new dSLR. Is there any knowledge what could be the problem with these sudden deaths?


  3. Now theres a funny thing. My Canon A70 went tits up late last year after 2 years brilliant fun. I like the feel of Canon’s and they take standard batteries.. bu thats about all in their favour i think. I bought a later canon.. more pixies, same price…..


  4. I want to get my hands on a ‘donor’ G7 – mine still powers up but the lens mechanism is jammed. Maybe if we can put two broken ones together somebody will end up with a working one?

    I could dismantle the lens mechanism on mine and attempt to clean and refit it, but this looks incredibly fiddly and probably would be no better. Easier to swap out the whole lens module.

    If a repair costs £90, how much is a faulty G7 worth to you?


  5. I’m afraid I had the camera fixed, and it’s still giving sterling service alongside it’s somewhat larger 450D dSLR brother.

    They both have their positive and negative sides – the dSLR is the more creative camera, but the G7 is always in my bag with me. The worst camera is the one you haven’t got with you when the shot presents itself!

    Hope you get your camera sorted out.


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