Reasons not to weed…

Every now and then they catch your eye and this morning we were visited by about a dozen or so goldfinches, who took to stripping out the seeds from the fennel and lavender. The front garden itself looks more than a little in need of attention, but once you realise how many birds come and make use of the remains of summer it’s hard to rip it out. I guess we’ll have to prepare the beds for next spring before long, but sights like this help the inevitable apathy that settles in about the winter Solstice – that overwhelming urge to hibernate, over-eat and ignore the world. Heh.

2 responses to “Reasons not to weed…”

  1. Ahhh the Goldfinches you were telling us about the other night, beautiful photo Bish.

    Every year we get a bumper crop of grapes on the vine and every year I end up leaving them for the blackbirds ~ it’s fantastic to see them popping in and stealing them away.

    Who needs TV eh?


  2. What a wonderful sight ….well worth putting up with a few straggley bits for a while.


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