We nipped off to the south west of France between 7th and 20th August (didja miss us?) and the photo’s from that break are now available on the main site.

Since folk have asked… We did 1571 miles in the Prius. 2528 km @ 106 g/km CO2. 268 kg of CO2 between three persons… I don’t know what the CO2 equivalent is for flying down there. The slower speeds on French roads meant we did the whole trip on a little under 55 mpg unleaded – not bad for a nearly full-loaded car.


It’s actually difficult to calculate the actual carbon impact of the equivalent flight – let me know if you can calculate better than this. Bristol Lulsgate to Merignac, Bordeaux is about 750km as the jet flies. Different folk offer a carbon cost of between 90 kg / person and 120 kg / person each way, making for a three person impact of 540 kg min or 720 kg max for the return journey. And we had the value of the car at the destination to drive about in (mileage included in the calculations, which would be extra to that of the flight alone).

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