Druid Camp 08

Just back from this year’s Druid Camp. After only five days in a field I can’t get over the feeling that the house feels enclosing and dark! I found myself putting all the lights on as I walked around the place unpacking, where I would have been perfectly fine with the evening twilight before – it’s so much lighter outside! The weather was … variable! That is to say varying between roasting sunshine, howling winds and drenching rain; sometimes all within ten minutes. The music was great – from Seize the Day (protest in song and action), Mad Magdalene (pagan folk), Sian James (wonderfully liquid harp and song), Rachel Gittus Band, Damh the Bard, Paul Newman, Paul Mitchell, Tallyessin and MagicFolk. The workshops were as good, and a couple of the rituals worked unexpectedly well for me. And then back to the camp fires for a small mead, a wee dram and perhaps a touch of bish’s Chilli Vodka under starlit skies (if they could shine out past some of the homely touches… have to try harder next year Kris!)

One response to “Druid Camp 08”

  1. Glad you had a great time, and I hope that coming back to reality isn’t too harsh this year. Yet again I’m green with envy, and yet again I’ll say “Next year I’ll be there”


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