The flowers are beating the weeds – just!

Summer is in full swing now, and the garden is doing whatever it feels like – ’cause it’s too, too hot to worry about weeding! More pictures if you click the clicky ‘more’ (unless there’s no clicky, in which case there’s no more! Grin)…

And isn’t the sky blue?! Those Leylandii are going to need a good seeing to before long though. You can see the height of the dead stump in the top centre, which is at the height we trimmed to last time. Like ’em or loathe ’em, they close out the estate behind the garden. Trouble is, they’re almost blocking the hills beyond! Hey ho.

And as for the pond… we got severely Heron’d this year. Given that the clever carp are staying safely out of sight (unless of course they weren’t so very clever and aren’t actually there any more) we’ve let the pond go wild this year. To be honest I prefer it. We’ve frogs, toads and newts under the weed, and loads of mini-beasts skimming across the surface. Not many dragonflies this year, but a surfeit of bees and butterflies.


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