Don’t say it… I know.

NS Wav EUBI’m a very naughty boy. 🙂

Promise I won’t buy anything at Priddy Folk Festival this weekend. It’s an NS WAV electric double bass in Amber Sunburst and it’s… well it’s rather lovely.

Plugged into the Line 6 Low Down it sounds pretty double bass-like, although I have to keep it down a bit or the rest of the house goes into sympathetic resonance!









2 responses to “Don’t say it… I know.”

  1. Nice one Bish 🙂

    Though I’m more impressed by the rather nice collection of Robin Hobb hardbacks I can see… I’m rather fond of those books. Fantastic author!


  2. Wow! You have good eye-sight / insight! Yup, all first editions including a pre-publication review copy. I am so sad. You didn’t mention the first edition Pratchett shelf beneath (and not a one signed, must be a rarity!) 😉


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