Watching the guilt-meter…

Just bought one of these… The Owl

Now I can sit at my study desk and watch the instantaneous cost of the electrical goods in my home as they all consume, consume, consume their way through the National Grid’s finest mobile electrons! lol. They are on offer this month only, at £29.95 including delivery. Elsewhere they range from forty quid upwards.

I enjoyed the first five minutes of watching the pence per hour move from 9p up to 15p and down again as I turned on and off various bits of kit – lights, monitors, bass amp – and then had a minor heart attack as it went straight to 60p… Miss had put the kettle on!

I suppose this is as bad in its way as spreadsheeting my fuel-ups in the Prius (currently 52 mpg Imperial) but perhaps it will motivate us to reduce our already reasonable electricity consumption. Perhaps. Still, the kettle’s boiled, tea’s on the way… sit back, relax, watch. Gobble, gobble, gobble.

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