Robin Trower at the Thekla, Bristol

…and I was late, and rushed into Bristol, and clean forgot my ear plugs. lol

I wasn’t too late, but at 19:15 last night I was considering throwing a dirty look at the ironing board when I remembered I was due to meet my brother in law in a pub for one good pint prior to the above gig – at 19:30. I [ahem] made good progress down the M5/M4/M32 (always feel that should end with the M1) and got that fine pint in at the Bag o’ Nails (which used to be a moot venue for the old Bristol CiX group – I wonder if they still exist?).

We made our way to the Thekla, a floating (well, securely bolted to the quayside actually) ship in Bristol harbour to see first Ainsley Lister and then Robin Trower. Mr Trower no longer has the long flowing blond locks of yesteryear, but he can still do a great fish face over the red Stratocaster! And loud? Oh my. I can hear the keys as I type… just.

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