Sumer is i-cummin in…

Blessings of the passion-fires of Beltaine. 😀

It pays, I find, to mark the seasons as they pass by. Not only as a pagan, but as someone for whom time flies past ever faster! It doesn’t seem yesterday that Imbolc celebrated the new buds of spring and now the May is already in full blossom. Come to thnk of it, it feels not so long ago we were waiting for the Y2k bug to bite!  Time flies.

Celebrating the Wheel of the Year is a splendid means of being wakeful to the turning of the seasons. It’s far too easy in our always available, fast food, 24/7/365 online culture to miss the wonders of the ever changing Land, Sea and Sky. Having a festival pop up every six or so weeks provides a focus; to stop, observe and simply delight in what might otherwise be overlooked. Enjoy.

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