Tidy as you go…

This weekend was the village Spring Clean. I can’t really understand the rationale of folk who litter and it boils my blood when I see someone drop their crap all over the place. The village is generally clean and tidy anyway – until you look closer. Miss, miss and me went out this lunchtime complete with litter-pickers, gloves and black bags. Between the three of us, over the stretch of about half a mile of semi-rural country lane, we filled three black bin bags. Lager cans, crisp and cigarette packets for the most part, the one thing I couldn’t understand was the number of plastic bags full of dogshit! I mean yes – pick it up (I don’t want to step in it) – but then to throw it into the hedgerow… It would rot down quicker if it was left on the ground than entombed in plastic! It’s not like there weren’t any bins nearby. Beggars belief.

Another bit of the village that could use some TLC is our front wall, which borders the playing field.

It wasn’t in great order when we took it over, but in recent years the effects of gravity, weather and mainly children has brought it to an almost collapse. As you can see, some of the rocks are a bit on the lumpy side, and it’s going to be a job to rebuild. I wonder if I should take a quick ‘dry stone walling’ course…?


One response to “Tidy as you go…”

  1. GGGGGGGRrrrrrrrrrrrr bish thats a pet hate of mine, the plastic wrapped dog poo … and when its thrown high into trees …. I wish I could catch some one doing it.


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