Fuel-ish prices

Map of American gas pricesJust come across this great site. Shows the spread of petrol (Gasoline) prices across America, using a colour scale from (today) <$3.23 through to a top of >$3.75. Someone’s gone to such trouble to construct this, someone with a gripe about paying too much for their fuel I suspect. But let’s look at this from across the pond, ie here in lovely England. The prices started, as I noted, at below $3.23 per gallon (and that’s an American gallon not a proper one). Right, calculators at the ready?

One Merkin Gallon is equal to 0.83 Imperial Gallons, so it’s actually around $3.88 per gallon UK. The current exchange rate is roughly £0.50 to the dollar, so that’s 1.94 per UK gallon. Or 42p per litre. Given that in Bristol this weekend fuel was going for £1.25 per litre I wonder wtf they’ve got to complain about? 🙂 Switching back, that would mean the red bit of their graph showing $11.50…

Still. The Prius is now doing about 51mpg on unleaded and sits quite happily at mid-sixties on cruise control at motorway speeds. Perhaps one day we’ll all use hydrogen fuelled vehicles. Here’s a thought for that. Watch this, then consider why they earth the vehicle and when the most likely time for a spark is (perhaps when applying the earth, which in this case seems to be when they’ve just poured hydrogen everywhere…) LOL

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  1. I hear it went up 25c just this week from $3.25 to $3.50…


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