I foresee trouble ahead…

Now, I don’t sell spiritual advice. I don’t seek words from those gone ahead and I deal with the gods on a strictly one to one many basis, so I’m not directly involved. But I wonder how the change in law repealing the 1951 Fraudulent Mediums Act in favour of the Consumer Protection Regulations will turn out? I must dust of my Ogham…

Driven (as usual) from Europe, the CPR implements the EU Unfair Commercial Services Directive. In the main this gives legal protection for anyone who buys a service and finds themselves sold a pup, except that UKGov has decided to specifically include spiritual transactions in the law. Spiritualists are upset and are lodging petitions a-plenty, fearing lawsuits from folk who fail to satisfactorily meet a tall dark stranger.

But it’s not just commercial Spiritualists that risk prosecution. What about that marriage which was made forever ‘in the eyes of God’? If the suckered couple subsequently divorce, are they able to sue the Church for faulty services? The Church charges for most of it’s, um, services… This legislation is I think a result of increasing secularisation alongside rampant religious radicalisation. It seems to be one or the other nowadays, with no happy, er, medium.

And how does it stand up to the Religious Discrimination Act? I foresee trouble. 😉

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