Taking a bigger byte

I’m bemused by the row currently under way between the BBC and a handful of ISP’s regarding the ‘extra load’ the beeb’s iPlayer is putting on the ‘net. ISP’s are suggesting either the BBC or the end user should pay more, and perhaps the end user should expect bandwidth throttling on their service. It’s not their fault, their hand is forced… What nonsense.

Most ISP’s are now selling unlimited* 8MB/s or faster accounts. They should therefore be able and willing to supply 8MB/s, in unlimited quantity, or stop lying. As someone on an 8MB’s account who can, through geography, enjoy only a Meg-and-a-half I would be furious to find my service artificially reduced because I downloaded as many episodes of Torchwood as I could.

Sell the service you advertise, or advertise the service you sell.

*unlimited or at least limited with very high useage. My account appears to now have a 10GB per month limit although when I signed up it was unlimited. Hey ho.

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