Hurrah for BST!

How wonderful it is to be back on British Summer Time! “What?” you explode, “is he completely barking?” Well yes, but you knew that already.

I woke up as usual this morning, just before the alarm went off. But this time it was yet still dark, early dawn. And the dawn chorus was in full … chorus. How wonderful. You don’t realise how quiet it’s been all winter until you get to hear the multitudinous voices of the dawn wakening. Beautifully, shiveringly, ecstatically gorgeous. It’s impossible to count the number of birds in the trees at the edge of the garden, there are occasional recognisable phrases from the closer blackbirds, bluetits and chiffchaffs, the early wren and the still reddened robin but they are woven in amongst a wall of sound from the rest. Lover of Radio 4 news though I am it is joyous to turn off the bad news and wake up to the knowledge that we haven’t killed it all yet.

Do yourself a favour. Wake up early tomorrow and open the window.

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