…and breathe (ramblings on a rest day)

Finally the larger raised beds in the back garden are finished. It’s taken some time in a life currently far too short of free time but last evening I put the last dowel in the edging blocks and leveled the soil. The rest, as the saying goes, is up to Miss.

The bits you can see planted are of course the original beds which Miss found to be so miserly. The new ones come out nearly three metres and more than double the growing space available for shrubs and flowers. The next project in the back garden is to widen the path around the house and edge it grass-side with more wooden blocks.

I’m home today having worked through the night. Unable to actually sleep (I’ll catch up over the bank holiday weekend) I’m logged in here and at work pretending to multi-task (ha! Like that’ll ever work!). As I sat here working through work emails I saw a springer spaniel whizz past the window heading straight for the chicken run. With spring only just upon us it’s a bit of a battleground there at present, not much grass and the remaining leaves on the slowly establishing beech hedge are golden and falling away in favour of new growth.

Round and round the run the ragged rover ran and stop him I could not. Frantic chickens everywhere (well, only three currently but that’s still a lot of flapping believe me!) chucking themselves at the fence on the one side as the maddened mutt threw himself at the fence from the other! Finally an owner appeared and after a few minutes reclaimed the dog. ‘Sorry, he’s a house pet who got out.’ Um. Springer spaniels are not house pets, they’re gun dogs bred for speed and stamina. No wonder it went for it’s freedom. Still, nothing damaged eh.

After the crisis subsided I went in to gather the eggs and calm the girls. Two eggs… and two chickens! Not three. Um. Recalling the fun and games we had when we first got the Welsommers (read back gentle reader) I wasn’t looking forward to tracking and catching our missing presumed uneaten gal. I locked the other two in and left the door to the run open. After an hour I went out again and she’d come back! Ace! We have homing chickens! LOL

Blessings of the equinox to one and all, and (fair trade) chocolate loveliness to them as want it.

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