I’ve been a baaaaad boy!

Washburn six-stringOh, instant gratification, such a vile affliction! We went up to Chester on Friday evening to spend the weekend with friends, and decided after Sunday breakfast to walk the city walls. This lead almost inevitably to the lads and lasses splitting up; the lasses going shopping, and the lads going… er, shopping – but in a much better direction. We ended up at BackWashburn six-string Alley Music (not for the first time) for a bit of window shopping.

Um… thing about window shopping is you need to be on the outside of the shop with the window safely between you and all the naughty stuff inside! Once you step into the shop you fall prey to the tempting magic. Folk less attuned to the mystical side of instrumental incantation may think the urge to purchase is simply a reaction to avarice; satisfying that need to own, to have and to hold. No. In truth these creatures sing a siren song of enticement and I ought to have been prepared. But I was weak…

Utterly overcome, I was wholly unable to resist the tantalising sales (perfect) pitch of this sexy little Washburn X-30 and, before I knew it she’d tricked me into giving her a lift … home.

Fiendish temptress!

4 responses to “I’ve been a baaaaad boy!”

  1. LOL! 🙂 Well done that man … no point having it and being miserable. I look forward to having a noodle next time I come over 🙂


  2. nooooooooo not a guitar.

    My lad has just ordered ANOTHER bass. Dont ask me what it is but its bloody expensive.


  3. Enjoy your guitar Bish… when’re you going to post some recordings of it?


  4. Aah that wicked lady, calling from the music shop… I know her well mate 🙂


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