achy breaky bish

With a return to work (oh joy!) on the horizon after the midwinter break I’ve been playing with train sets in the garden. In other words I have several ruddy great ex-railway sleepers (not creosoted) with which I’m building raised flower beds. The ‘garden’ was just an expanse of mud back in 2001 when we moved in, and when I built the pond and the flower borders I was far too meagre with the beds. Now they’ll come out some 3000mm and stand about 300mm proud of the grass, with a path dividing the high growth at the rear from the low bedding in the front. It will also allow me, on the other side of the garden, to create a bed beside the shed and between it and the greenhouse, part of which I intend to use as a herb garden – a new project having been inspired by Jekka’s Complete Herb Book, which Miss bought me for Yule / Christmas. Jekka has an award winning herb farm near us.

But my, I do ache!

One response to “achy breaky bish”

  1. Have fun with herbs… very rewarding things. And I can vouch for the fact that Jekka’s Complete herb Book is a good read… I have a rather battered copy myself:)

    Do post a couple of snaps when the beds get a bit more established… or even planted for that matter!


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