Zeitgeist, the movie

How’s your paranoia gland? Needs exercising? Put a couple of hours aside to watch this documentary then. Zeitgeist – the spirit of the times… and let’s face it, we live in interesting times. It’s only fair we should seek out someone to blame, otherwise it’s our fault, right?

There’s a lot of stuff in here that has the ring of truth to it, a lot that I would want much, much more substantiated detail before I took up arms in its cause and rather of lot of what smells like the worst kind of bullshit. Nevertheless, so many things come out of the historical archives long after the events have passed out of immediate significance, it’s not impossible that this is a pre-release!

But at the end of the day it makes you think, and there’s far too little of that going on nowadays.

One response to “Zeitgeist, the movie”

  1. I watched this some time ago and think it’s a very interesting film.
    The first part covering the religions of the world is fascinating!
    The rest, I have understood and been pretty much convinced of for years.
    The day of 9/11, I was wondering about the whole thing and as soon as I saw the Pentagon footage and later the footage of the twin towers I could see that things weren’t as they were being told.
    There’s a lot of stuff going on in the corridors of power that isn’t nice, and if the masses don’t wake up soon, we’re all in for a nasty shock and no doubt when it’s too late!


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