Big Blue Milk Float

Ok, no milk I’m afraid, but I took delivery of the new motor this morning – a Toyota Prius hybrid in Glacier Blue. It still feels as good as the demonstrator and I look forward to seeing mileages in the 60’s. My old Peugeot went away having averaged 49 mpg(uk) over her last ten fillups and 46.9 mpg(uk) since day one (according to my anorak’y spreadsheet).

There are huge debates about how environmentally friendly the Prius actually is, from the Sudbury strip mines to why you should be cycling anyway (example) but given that I need my car to keep your lights on I think I’ve made a positive choice. Only time will tell if the strange differences in driving style (high revving at times, silent running at others, and no intuitive link to driving speed) will become an irritant or invisible…

One response to “Big Blue Milk Float”

  1. One thing I’d like to know about the Prius is; what’s the time before replacement on the batteries? If they’re ni-cd, they’ll be chemically pretty nasty, so it strikes me as potentially a bit environmentally unfriendly… having said that, there’s also the energy involved in making much more complex systems to power the car… generators, batteries, motors… lot to go wrong and need attention.

    But I still wouldnt mind a spin in one… please blog more about the car when you’ve driven it for a couple of months or so!



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