Charfield Parish Council

Very happy to say the new website was extremely well received.

Charfield Parish Council

It’s based on the same WordPress engine I’m using for this blog, but without comments and stuff. This means that it can be updated by folk with little or indeed no knowledge of HTML, FTP or all the rest of the Internet technobabble that’s normally required for a half decent site.

And that’s only half the good news for CPC. At yesterday’s County Council Planning Committee meeting, the two planning applications for extensions of working hours at the local Cemex owned quarry were refused by an overwhelming majority, after an exciting (no, really!) back and forth arguement between the proposers and [ahem] our side. Glee.

One response to “Charfield Parish Council”

  1. Nice looking site Mark, I particularly like the header image and the theme… did you do the theming yourself?

    I’d say it’s a great cyber presence for Charfield – the kind of thing that makes me want to visit the village and presents a face of a good Parish Council well run.

    I’d say that’s an 8 or 9 out of ten and well done!


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