Hell and Damnation!

No, of course, I don’t hold with either of those sanctions having actual existence. The phrase is apt though.

All my life I’ve treasured books, almost with reverence. To see someone fold back the spine until it cracks, or even to fold over a page corner to bookmark a place makes me cringe. It would therefore seem odd that I have an antipathy towards a book – I don’t even have such feelings against that book!

‘Family Court Hell’, by Mark Harris is probably ‘one man’s harrowing story of frustration and determination as he battled for access rights to his young daughters following the bitter break-up of his marriage.’ It has become, however, the standard for an imbecile or a group of imbeciles who are daubing ‘Read Family Court Hell’, and ‘Fathers for Justice’ over sacred sites. No, I’ve no idea of the sacred connection either…

There was Cerne Abbas, with bloody Homer still in evidence:

Courtesy of BBC News

And now Glastonbury, just after a half a million pound restoration:

Courtesy of BBC News

While I feel the urge for a book-burnin’ I recognise it’s probably not the author’s fault. In fact I’m aware there is a considerable injustice going on within Family Law. No doubt some of the fathers involved are best kept away from their kids, but you could say that about plenty of nuclear families too and I’m sure most of them are just folk in a tough place doing the best they can. If it were a fair system folk wouldn’t resort to dumb tactics. But these tactics are dumb. It would be nice to have a full statement from Fathers for Justice, denying involvement and deploring the vadalism and desecration. Not that they’re likely to be entirely guilt free of course. 

[Later: F4J have published a full condemnation and a denial of any involvement in the vandalism of ancient monuments, suggesting that these are in fact subversive tactics by another organisation. Link]

I still place much of the blame for these events at the door of Trinny and Susannah, and all low-brow television. By deliberately stomping all over the Long Man of Wilmington in pursuit of cheap telly, they attracted others to the game, assured the viewing public that it was alright to use such sites ‘for entertainment’. One of which was the stupid Homer ring-toss next to Cerne Abbas that no doubt prompted these other idiots. Gah! It’s not the book that needs a burning…


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