Rachel Unthank and the Winterset: St George’s Bristol

I think we bumped into Rachel Unthank and the Winterset at Bromyard last year. I wasn’t overwhelmed by them at the time, perhaps it was the beer… However, Miss bought their debut CD and I ended up with it locked into my car stereo for months! It was with some anticipation then that I bought tickets for the concert.

I bought three tickets when I really needed only two, so dragged my mate Steve along with us. He had done a couple of gigs with us previously, but they’d been folk rock or manic violin folk. I think he was perplexed by the slower (and occasionally grimier) Northumbrian traditional folk of RUatWS. He vows he enjoyed it in the end though… I guess we assumed everyone likes folk; not wrong, are we?

The gig was wonderful. All four of the girls, even the two sisters, have very different voices which blend and yet stand out individually and with great clarity. Belinda was also clearly overjoyed by the grand piano she was using, replacing her normal portable piano – or Bontempi as she called it. At times the piano overpowered the violin and cello (definitely not the clogs!) but the show was really enjoyable. Yes, of course we bought the new CD!


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