Dave Swarbrick and Martin Carthy: St George’s, Bristol

Slipped into Bristol last night after miss’ violin lesson to be entertained by these splendid fellows. Martin Carthy is a member of the Waterson:Carthy Clan and Dave Swarbrick was a founder member of Fairport Convention. Between them they seemed to have as much fun as we did. On a couple of occasions there were very loud ‘noises-off’ (once when a window blind fell down) and they didn’t even look up, much less skip a beat. Professionals.

Perhaps we found Martin’s continual tuning and re-tuning of his guitar a little annoying – he’d left the guitar on stage pre-gig to ensure it’s tuning did not alter in the coller dressing room but it clearly didn’t work! Nevertheless, his leather lungs and repertoire more than made up for that.

I recall speaking with Dave Swarbrick at Cropredy back in perhaps 2003, thanking him for his music and effectively bidding him farewell and a fine journey onward. How wonderful it is that shortly after that he had a double lung transplant and is well enough now to tour!


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