Bromyard Folk Festival

And the weather was great! Ahem. Earlier this year I thought that comment wouldn’t be so fervently applauded… But again this year we were in a tent and not the camper. This year miss brought her mate along and they (being sweet demure teenage girlies) got to use the nice secure, and warm, camper van while Miss and I froze in the tent. But at least it didn’t rain. [grin]

(In fact, sleeping in the tent in the cold is my secret plan for toughening myself up – I’ve just agreed to crew in a yacht race in the Solent… in November! Idiot.)

Bromyard is possibly my favourite festival and this year was it’s fortieth. Great music (among others we enjoyed Roy Bailey, Eliza Carthy, Keith Donnelly and mad poet Les Barker) and lots and lots of brilliant beer and ales. One change this year was that the craft stalls were on the site and not in the town. That perhaps meant we spent less time in the town itself, with all the free sessions going on in every pub, and more time on the site where the other (and paid for) music was to be enjoyed. I think I missed the walks into town but hey ho. 

Grand to meet again with all my mates there, and this year I didn’t buy a single instrument!!!

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