When’s the best time…?

… to realise that the stabbing back pain you’re suffering, have suffered since that hard, infexible, so unforgiving bed in the holiday apartment, is actually a cracked rib? When would be the very best time to realise that? Hmm? Just before the fortiest Cropredy Festival? A sell-out folk-rock weekend starring Jules Holland, The Strawbs, Wishbone Ash, Richard Thompson, Show of Hands (and of course Fairport Convention)?

Yeah, pretty much. It doesn’t hurt so much, as long as you don’t. lie. down. Or bounce around like a mad fool in the ‘mosh pit’… Bugrit. Oh, did I mention yawning. Definite no-no.


2 responses to “When’s the best time…?”

  1. Wow, must have been some holiday mate, cracking ribs in bed eh, I didn’t realise Miss was such a goer!

    Enjoy the festival, once you’ve had about 3 beers you won’t feel the pain anymore. It’s as good an excuse as any I guess 🙂


  2. ….or sneezing, coughing….or breathing generally!

    Been there, got the t-shirt ~ very sore and definitely not the best thing to have in any mosh pit, even an aging hippy softie one at Cropredy! *blows raspberry and legs it* 😀


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