Ruby slippers: click, click, click!

There’s no place like home. There’s no place like home. There’s no place like home… Ok, a bit shabby and not entirely honest but we’ve just got back from a fortnight in the south of Spain, in the Costa del Sol. Sol… hmm… the name ought to have given it away. LOL. It was a good holiday and we had some great days out, but my gods it was hot. I don’t do hot.

We stayed in Nerja, a few miles out of Malaga, at The Marina Turquesa. It’s a really well kept apartment complex, beautifully clean and compact around a central pool with a few scattered ones behind the larger apartments. I’m not a fan of pool and beach holidays but this was the place to lie out with a good book or three and unwind. Terribly hard beds though, which did cause me more than a little frustration – like sleeping on a stone slab!

We made a trip (I say trip – it was so close by we ended up walking back!) to the Nerja Caves, allegedly the largest cave system in Europe. It was no understatement! They were extensive and very powerful. We also travelled to Granada (oh! even hotter!) and visited The Alhambra, a ranging series of fortifications, palaces and courtyards built between the thirteenth and sixteenth centuries in a blend of Moorish and Christian influences.

It was a lovely break, but oh to get back to Gloucestershire!

Even given the possibilities of the recent extreme floods that almost took out the substation at Walham where I often work. Due to the efforts of the military, the emergency services and of course our own blokes (and a kilometer and a half of aggregate filled bunding and eight high capacity pumps clearing 200,000 litres of water per hour), we didn’t in the end lose Walham, and five hundred thousand folk kept their lights on. And I watched it all, cerveza in hand, on satellite telly! Joy!

I guess I am embedded in this Land. When I’m away it’s almost a physical ache, perhaps more correctly a spiritual one. Wouldn’t, couldn’t, want to live anywhere else. Home. Happy.

5 responses to “Ruby slippers: click, click, click!”

  1. I know what you mean. I actually come out in a rash. I blame my parents for moving me to France at a youbg age – I never recovered.


  2. Mmm, glad you had a nice holiday.
    How do you feel about your carbon footprint now and how does that fit into being a Pagan?



  3. Welcome home to sunny Gloucestershire! Sounds like you had a wonderful holiday.

    I know what you mean about the pull of this land, I’m always glad to come home after my various wanderings. Dispite the fact I am nomadic from a personal history point of view (never lived more than 2 or 3 years in one place until adulthood), my parents families come from Herefordshire/Worcestrshire and Wiltshire respectively so finding myself settled halfway between the 2 feels quite appropriate in some way. Although I have to say, spiritually I am more drawn to those places on the coast which have an historical connection to those wonderful Norse folk who influence me so strongly. 😉

    Thanks to all the guys who worked so hard to keep our lights on! 🙂


  4. Green Pete said: <em>’Mmm, glad you had a nice holiday.
    How do you feel about your carbon footprint now and how does that fit into being a Pagan?'</em>
    Hi Pete. Fair question, and one I’ll reply to in more detail in a later post. But briefly, the one low-level flight of 2007 was offset (whether you feel that works or not; I have doubts) by personal tree plantings and by cash donations to other offset schemes. My home is not a Pagan one – I am Pagan, my wife and daughter are not. This does sometimes require compromise, as does so much in life, but I don’t want you to think they burn the planet carelessly either – they are as ‘green’ as I am and far more than most

    There will be differences between us, inevitably, Pete. I work in heavy industry for a start and while my Paganism requires me to work tirelessly towards minimising and mitigating the effects we have on the environment it does also make me a little pragmatic. And perhaps despairing.
    If I wished to be contentious I might suggest Pagans were responsible for the deforestation of the British Isles…
    I’ll stop now, I’m rambling. Blame a cracked rib and no sleep. More later in it’s own post.


  5. We’ve just arrived home from a holiday in Nerja. The weather wasn’t great but of all the areas in Andalucia, this was the best. Great wine and food and friendly people. Looking forward to return.


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