Priddy Folk Fayre

Just back from a smashing weekend at Priddy Folk Festival. The weather, though it continually threatened rain, remained blue-skied and sunny almost the whole time (ok, pedantic interlude… it didn’t remain sunny at night and the sky was generally black and star studded, ok?) The music was varied and I didn’t hear anything that was less than great.

The pub sessions were splendid and as ever are almost worth going for without buying a concert ticket (but if we all did that, folks, there wouldn’t be a festival or sessions to enjoy, eh?) Oh, and the beer… hmm, that was wonderful! The beer on site was mainly from the Hidden Brewery, and I think I sampled all (I think) eight of their offerings. Several times. The camper van performed brilliantly (better too with just the two of us; miss having visited her cousin instead) following it’s bright shiney service and MOT.

On the Sunday a few of us walked up to the Priddy Nine Barrows, although it’s clear to me that there are more than nine. A lovely walk that we’d overlooked over years of festivals, only noticing them this year from where we’d parked the camper! Which was itself a grand spot which caught the rising sun in the far corner of the site. A spot to return to if possible in the future.

If there was one down point in the whole weekend it was breakfast on Saturday morning, which we took at The New Inn. A total rip-off consisting of burned egg, over-cooked beans, some quite good bacon, cheap sausage and too much fried bread. No tomato, no mushrooms, and not even a cup of tea! All for the princely sum of six quid! When we enquired about tea, they brought tiny pots to share between two which barely filled two cups and charged us £1.50 each cup!!! I didn’t buy a single thing, food nor pint from there thereafter, and if the same bunch are in charge next year I won’t then either.

But don’t let that bit of blog anti-vertising get in the way of what was a great time with great friends, great music and great beer. It was… great. 🙂


2 responses to “Priddy Folk Fayre”

  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend ~ let’s hope that the slightly drier weather carries on through the next week for Druid Camp! Feedback from the camp site so far is very positive so all concerns of having to lug gear up the hill manually and tents sinking into the mud have been allayed!

    See you there! 😀


  2. Bish – I was at the excellent Wildlore bushcraft courses with you, if you recall. On one of my periodic checks on the Wildlore message boards, I thought I’d link through and check your website out. I hope you are well and the floods didn’t get too near you. Ref the Priddy blog, I grew up just down the road in East Harptree and my Uncle used to farm the fields around the barrows at Priddy – I remember as a teenager driving the landrover from the farm over near Binegar to feed the sheep near Priddy on freezing winter mornings. Great part of the world, I’d love to go back someday.


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