Ah, that familiar smell of burning varnish…

Bugrit! I’ve just turned the Bass Amp on and it’s gorn a bit bang! Actually it’s gone a bit bang sufficiently to set off the smoke detector, we’re not talking a 5A fuse here. Ah me, it’s still under warranty. Luckily, when I bought it in February, I never got around to e-bay’ing the old amp… Shame it’s Bank Holiday weekend though; I’ll not get to arrange the fix before next Tuesday.


2 responses to “Ah, that familiar smell of burning varnish…”

  1. Didn’t know you had one of those! I’d seen them in the shops and read reviews – they looked good to me 🙂 You must be taking the bass playing more seriously ;-p

    Good make so I wouldn’t have thought that there would be any quibbles over getting that sorted. Did you buy it locally or over the net from GAK or similar?

    (Still no broadband here so posted from work – shhh!)


  2. Jeepers… what happened! Must have been pretty bad to set off the smoke alarm:S Was it a valve amp?


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