BabelDisc 3

Had a followup phone call from those nice folk at Babel Disc this afternoon. It was slightly awkward to admit to them that the disc was sitting in a drawer unused. Trouble is, I couldn’t get the ‘BabelBooster’ flash memory stick to install, and without it the whole thing is as slow as cool treacle. My initial hope was that it would do for miss, who seems to have trouble keeping her XP installations clean and working. However, the other day her box went back to being Ubuntu’d, this time with Feisty Fawn – and it worked straight out of the box, albeit without sound, which she has little use for because it’s only used for homework, isn’t it? LOL


2 responses to “BabelDisc 3”

  1. All good fun bish, and she’ll be more rounded for using another OS, not just the MS stuff.

    We’ll have to get that sound fixed though, you’ll have to give me a login and we’ll have a play. Homework without music is sooooo boring 🙂


  2. In fairness I have to admit her fouled up XP installation may have had more to do with a low 5V rail than shoddy software or viral infection. I may have to pop another PSu into the box. Nevertheless, she prefers Ubuntu by far and it’s only my own ignorance (and a small selection of programs) that is keeping my own box XP’d…


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