Silbury Mound excavations update

Thanks to a comment on the BBC Pagan messageboard, I’ve come across Pete Glastonbury’s photo diary of the Silbury excavation and repair project.

Probably a site to watch. (Thanks Pete) 🙂


3 responses to “Silbury Mound excavations update”

  1. A great find bish. I haven’t spent any time there since we all walked together.

    Think I might have to blast over in the next few days and get a feel for things there.

    I wonder if Pete will be able to get any closer during his documentation, and keep the images flowing.


  2. Just a bump for this entry, since there’s been quite an update since I last visited. Good site, Pete!


  3. Hello,
    Mark Kirkbridge, the Skanska manager, has promised to get myself or my camera inside when the centeral chamber has been stabalised.
    This could be a few weeks yet so lets hope the rain stays away.


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